Thursday, May 05, 2011

Still working on it...

Starting solids continues to be a slow process. We are still only trying once a day and not getting too far. She puts everything in her mouth and chews on it, she just doesn't want to do it with food. Occasionally she will do good and seems to get quite a bit down.

Sometimes she clenches her lips closed like this...

Or just smiles at me until the spoon gets to her lips...then see above.

Still wearing more food than taking in.

And eating fingers is just better.

So here I am being silly, trying to get her to laugh and open her mouth so I can get a bite in.


  1. Made our day! Who knew peaches and peas where so fun...

  2. love that laugh! she's got a long time to learn how to eat, the boob is WAY easier than packing food! :)

  3. Love baby giggles!!! Kaitlyn had a hard time with solids at first too. Seems likes once we got it down good, it was almost time to start switching to chewable solids.