Monday, August 30, 2010

Another day at home

Friday my throat started hurting a little and by the end of the night I was really hoarse. Saturday I decided to go to the doctor as my throat felt swollen shut and my chest was so tight and full of mucus. (Lovely...I know). I rarely go to the doctor, but being 9 months pregnant and tired all the time I just didn't have the energy to feel bad. I guess when you go to an after hours place to see a doctor you get what you get and are grateful someone was able to see you. The doctor who saw me was less than friendly. His diagnosis was: "You have a viral infection- nothing I can do to help you with that, take some vitamin C, and I am giving you an antibiotic for the junk in your urine." Seriously, the "junk in my urine"? I am all for layman's terms, but that seemed a bit much.

I stayed home all day yesterday and rested, hoping I would be in good shape for the week. But this morning I still have a sore throat, no voice, and I am spending the day at home again. I don't have sick leave or paid time off, so I was hoping to make it to work today.
Instead, I am resting and writing a few thank you notes. There are some friends I would love to call and catch up with...but they wouldn't be able to hear me. I guess this is a good practice for patience in things I can't control- such as when my baby will decide to join us.

A bright spot today was a visit from my dad. He brought by some great vitamin C and immune supplements that I have used in the past, soup, throat lozenges, AND gave me a foot massage.

Thanks so much Dad! He is so sweet with me and I can't wait to see him with my little girl. Tomorrow begins week 36!

*I asked if I was contagious and if it was a problem that I had held and been around two babies Friday. The Dr. said, "No, just stay away from people with AIDS or taking cancer treatment". That was all the info he gave me, so I hope things are fine!

Friday, August 27, 2010

How long does it take to break into your house?

When I am at work and in session my phone goes on silent, and I don't look at it. It's always a bit unsettling to look at your phone and have multiple missed calls and texts from your spouse.

Luckily, being the pregnant one, I knew we weren't going into labor. The last text I had read: "So sorry...we needed a new back door anyway."

WHAT? This was the first night of Michael's class so I knew he wasn't going to be available if I called back. So I headed home to see this...


and finally:

on the side door in our kitchen.

The rest of the story:

Michael came home between work and class and locked the doors to the house when he left for school. He then realized the keys to his car AND the house were still inside the house. He tried to call me multiple times, but as mentioned I was not available. Up until a few weeks ago we had 60 year old windows on our house that he had figured out how to jimmy open and get in the house. But we replaced those. With very little time until his first class started, what else was there to do? In less than 5 minutes, by throwing his shoulder into the side door of our house repeatedly, he busted the door down. I would think this would cause some pain and great soreness, but he says he is fine.

As we talked over cake that night after class I wondered when this will be something we laugh about. Not sure we are laughing quite yet, but we will.

Lessons learned:

*If you ever need a pre-hung door installed it will be in the neighborhood of $550
*We will be hiding a key outside our house somewhere ASAP!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Church Shower

This past Sunday our church had a shower for us. They have the husbands come to the shower so I enjoyed sharing a shower experience with Michael, rather than him just coming at the end to help load up gifts. He got to join in the 'ooing' and 'ahhing' over cute girl things. :)

Our table spread

Yummy strawberry cake. They sent the top layer of the cake home with us to freeze and eat on her first birthday. (Not really- they did send cake home with us and we ate it last night after Michael's terrible day and first night of school- that is another post).

We got lots of really nice gifts and are so grateful for the generosity and friendship we have been shown by our church family!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Good luck and we will miss you!

We were hanging out at home last night and decided to see if my sister and David were up for an impromptu dessert date. We wanted to celebrate Michael's last night before starting school and do something we won't be able to do as easily in a few weeks.

We went to Iron Starr and enjoyed their delicious desserts. We had the double chocolate bread pudding and they had the chocolate cake. We had a fun time!

Here is Michael today leaving for work and then off to school for the first day of his 5 year PhD program.

He had orientation on Saturday, and they were told to have a talk with their significant other when they got home. They said to let people know they will not be as available anymore and not able to help with things at home that they might have been able to before, and that this program will be unlike *any* other program they have ever been in. Also, for any major life change you have, moving, changing jobs, having a child- expect to add another year on to your finish time.

I don't remember the whole spill but it reminded me of when I was in 6th grade and they were building up junior high and said "you will just be a number there no one will even know your name". It is crazy to think we will have a 5 year old- or maybe 10 year old depending on how many life changes we have between now and when he finishes.

Class is from 4-10 every Tuesday. I am excited for you Michael! Have a good night at school!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Maternity Pictures

Michael's cousin took maternity pictures for us this week. It was at the end of a 9 hour work day for me, and in the 100 degree heat, but she did great for what she had to work with. Thanks so much Makenzi! Check out her blog here.

She sent us this video today, and I cried when I watched it. The tears were possibly because I have been having horrible pain and tightness in my back today... But probably more so because of overwhelming feelings that are hard for me to find the words for. I feel such excitement over meeting our little girl, she moves so much these days and is getting so big. I love her so much already.

My heart also feels full when I think about the journey of our marriage over the last 8 years and especially over the last 8.5 months. Michael has been so kind and tender with me and loved and cared for me so sacrificially. God has provided in so many ways and taken care of us on this journey. My cup runs over...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Shower Fun

My sweet friends gave me a shower this past weekend. They worked really hard to make everything special. There were so many cute details, I missed getting pictures of everything. Here are just a few highlights:

The cupcake tower topped with a momma and baby owl cupcake!

Watermelon baby carriage

The food table. Check out those cute flowers!

My hostesses and me

Isabella's Mimi and Aunt Heather

Some of my family

It was a lovely day being surrounded by family and friends supporting us as we venture in parenthood and welcoming our first baby.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Growing a pineapple

This marks week 33

According to our baby is the size of a pineapple and weighs a little over 4 lbs! I felt her having hiccups for the first time this week and she has had them a few times now. It is a very weird feeling!

Here is a sneak peak at what Michael has been working on in the nursery this week:

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

8 Years

We have been married 8 years today!

We ate dinner at Red Rock

And celebrated with the 'Something chocolate'

Michael sent these beautiful flowers to my work

Being that our anniversary is on a week night we are going to celebrate this weekend also. I love being married to my best friend!