Thursday, May 13, 2010

That guy...

Michael has been super sweet and encouraging to me throughout my pregnancy. A couple of weeks ago I randomly mentioned that a nutella crepe sounded REALLY good.

Luckily we have nutella on hand and he decided to try to make some. I just supervised the process, but it turns out they are super easy to make, even though we don't have all the "crepe making" tools.

It was SO GOOD!! :) I am very blessed to have him.

We are headed out of town now to go to Arizona for a few days. I wondered if I would dread being the car for that long, but I am not. It has been a really long last couple of weeks. With check out in the apartments for a week, and other things we have had going on, we have had something pretty much every night after work plus busy weekends. I am ready for some stillness, quiet, and downtime. I am looking forward to spending a few days alone with my best friend, seeing beautiful places God created, and checking off another place that is on our list of places to see.

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  1. Have fun and I’ll have a crepe this weekend in your honor!