Monday, May 31, 2010

Our road trip west

We left after my 20 week dr's appointment and headed out on 1-40/Rt. 66

We drove through OK, TX, NM, and then AZ. It was really flat in NM but as we got closer to Arizona it got a lot prettier. We spent the night in Albuquerque and enjoyed good Mexican food.

The next day we made it to our bed and breakfast at the Desert Rose in Arizona.

They had turkeys that made fresh eggs for breakfast.

Awesome water feature in the back garden.

After we got settled we went out for a hike in Sedona.

Looking out from Cathedral Rock

The next day we drove to the Grand Canyon. We stopped at some smaller national parks along the way.

We finally made it!

The vastness of it all was incredible. It couldn't justly be captured in pictures.

We stayed for the sun setting over the canyon and then drove back.

The next day we spend time in Sedona. At the look out point of the chapel of the holy cross

I thought this sign was cute.

Sun setting over Sedona

Our delicious meal our last night at the barking frog grille.

We had a great time! We had lots of great talks, good food, saw amazing things, and both felt really relaxed after being away.

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