Sunday, May 09, 2010

It's a...

A couple of weeks ago, we went to our 18 week ultrasound with great anticipation. We could not wait to find out what we were having. Such a special moment- to see our baby again after 10 weeks and to find out if we were having a boy or girl. But to my great disappointment- our baby would not cooperate. The baby had its legs closed, put its hand down covering the area we wanted to see, and crossed its legs. The technician worked with me for a long time, pushing and poking me, but our baby was not having it. We had lots of phone calls, texts, and emails from people waiting to know the outcome. I just went to sleep after the appointment because the news was so anti-climatic! After my nap, I decided to call a place that does ultrasounds and see about scheduling another one there. My next one at the doctor would not be for a couple of months and I wanted to know. (I should note, that everything else went well. The baby's organs were all developing properly, the brain development looked good, all the things that they were really checking for! :)
We were able to get an appointment the next week. Our baby was still very "snuggly" with its legs closed and crossed for this appointment. But it was confirmed that we are having a baby girl! Michael wore a pink shirt and socks to the appointment, saying he knew all along.

Here is our baby girl at 19 weeks.

Leaving the appointment with our "It's a girl" water bottle. We have been talking about names over the past several weeks. I have loved the name Isabella for a long time. We are calling her Isabella, and still working on a middle name. (And NO, there is no connection to twilight.)

A snapshot of my maternity clothes and the clothes we have been given for Isabella this week.
I have no reason to have her clothes hanging up, as she won't be needing them for several more months, other than I just like to see them when I open my closet. :)

Mother's Day 2010

When my mom was pregnant with their first baby, my dad gave her an eternity band to symbolize his "forever" commitment to her and their baby as they began this new stage of life. I always loved that and had told Michael about it a long time ago. He remembered. This morning when we woke up he said sweet things about his commitment to me and our children, and then gave me my very own eternity band. So sweet! I love it!
I am happy to be feeling better and starting to feel her fluttering around!

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