Monday, August 22, 2016

Starting Kindergarten

We prepped everything the night before school, lunch made, bath, clothes picked out, read the Kissing Hand, talked about all the feelings of school starting...I still wasn't quite ready to send off a piece of my heart for all day school. But she was so very excited and ready to fly and that made it a little easier.
She's our morning child, and woke up her typical wide awake self so pumped for the day.

My dad ended up coming up since Michael was out of town. He dropped us off at school and took Benjamin to get donuts then on home. On the first day parents walk the kindergarteners to the playground and stay til they go in, and the parking is crazy and crowded. So it was such a big help to not have to get Benjamin up and ready and wrangle him on the playground and find parking and I got to just be present with her.

She found some of her good Pre-K friends from last year. They were all very happy to see each other.
After the kids went inside for class, Sara and I went to the Boohoo/woohoo breakfast the PTA put on. And then I headed home to Benjamin. 

After I got home and we were headed out on some errands, little brother wanted his picture taken with the sign as well. :)

Saturday morning we went out for our 2nd annual, back to school tea. (She posed like that on her own. :) )

It feels so bittersweet that we are already here and the last 6 years have flown by. But its fun to see how much she is learning and taking in of the world and the conversations we have now. Happy first day of school Isabella!

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