Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Day 2

I slept about an hour the night after Benjamin was born, even though I was exhausted from the early start to the day before. I was just waiting for 6:30AM to come for meal service to begin because I was also starving from the work out from the previous day.
Morning snuggles with my son. (I have a son!!)

My mom came first in the morning to help me shower. I felt so much better after that! The rest of the day brought more visits from family and friends. We missed getting pictures of most of the people that came.

Meeting cousin George

Meeting Uncle Luke and his buddy Carper- I loved growing up with cousins close in age, so I'm happy that Benjamin and Carper are just a few months apart.

And after much debate on my part of whether we should go home after our 24 hours was done, I decided I couldn't take another night sleeping in that hospital bed that felt like an air mattress that all the air had come out of and you were sleeping on a concrete floor on top of steel bars. So we began getting our things together.

Going home. 
After we were discharged by the midwife and pediatrician, we headed home. Isabella spent another night with grandparents so we could get some rest. I missed her over those two days and was ready for her to be back home. The sleep I did get at home was so much better than the first night, and I was so happy to be able to sleep on my back again, after all of those months being pregnant. I had made and froze some cinnamon rolls the week before B was born so we had those for breakfast our first morning home. My mom came over later that day to begin her stay with us. We learned our lesson from last time and requested more days this time. Isabella came home in the afternoon, and our time all together home, as a family of four, began. 

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