Thursday, May 16, 2013


Tomorrow I will have a 3 week old baby...which is hard to believe.
 The night he was born.
Our sweet Benjamin joined our family April 26th.  Overall, my labor and delivery was everything I could have hoped for. And the fact that he is healthy in every way is a blessing I thank God for every time I think about it.

My physical recovery has been so much better this time around, but I have been a lot more emotional. I did what I could to prepare Isabella, but the reality of what was to come was something we all had to experience to know what it would really be like. And there have been some really hard days. Isabella likes Benjamin and is very sweet with him, but her adjustment has been coming out in other ways. After the first week, Benjamin has been a great sleeper, as far as newborns go. I still feel tired all the time, but I'm getting much longer stretches of sleep than I had anticipated, I am so grateful for that!

The last three weeks have been a swirl of joy, tears, gratefulness, exhaustion, adjustment, toddler meltdowns, and those sweet moments you try to lock away in your heart forever. This time around I know how quickly these newborn days fly by and naps with a baby's sweet frog legs curled up on your chest turn into toddler days in a blink. The days are long, but the weeks are short- right book club friends? :)

Sweet baby feet

At Benjamin's first Dr appointment 

We've had our first dr's appointment, my mom's time staying with us ended, Michael went back to work full time, had our first outing as a family of 4, first time to church as a family of 4, my first mother's day with 2 kids, and among other milestones over the last three weeks. I am still getting the hang of having two kids on my own and finding our routine. I know that will come in time.
 I'm so in love and grateful to meet the little person that was growing inside of me all of those months.


  1. Welcome Benjamin!

  2. Beautiful words to describe the time that is now. Love you and so grateful to be journeying this road together.

  3. Look at your gorgeous little fella! Grateful he made it to us safely.