Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Current favs

When there is little blog inspiration, I can always go for some favorite things.

1. The greek gods yogurt. I tried to like greek yogurt when I was pregnant for the extra protein and calcium. But most of the ones I tried I thought were bitter and with a gross texture. A couple of months ago my cousin introduced me to this brand of greek yogurt, and I.LOVE.IT! Probably a good thing I didn't know about it when I was pregnant as I would hate to have an aversion to it now. I have only seen it at Akins, Crest, and Homeland. The last time I picked some up at Akins the cashier said to me, "Oh my goodness, this stuff is sinful!". I would have to agree. The greek gods honey yogurt- delish!

2. At Isabella's 4 mo appt she had some rough patches of dry skin on her legs. The pediatrician recommended California baby cream. While the smell is not great, it has worked great for our baby. No more scaly patches.

3. Her little clothes. I know some day this will get old for me, but folding her clothes is still one of my favorite things. I love all of her tiny shirts, pants, skirts, socks. They are all so sweet! I have a certain way I like them folded so they all fit in the drawers and closet organizers. (Mom, I don't know what you were talking about when you mentioned type A personality...)

4. Morning walks. We have been taking morning walks and it has been fabulous during this time of year. Soft breezes, birds singing, time to talk to God. Isabella loves being outside and looking around at everything. Today she could not make it home for morning nap and dozed off a few streets from home.

5. Dear baby blog. I've been enjoying reading this blog and following this girl's pregnancy. She is beautiful pregnant, a good writer, and I love some of their family traditions they are starting. We are going to incorporate a few into our family traditions. I loved this post yesterday. Sometimes I wish I had been more calm in the final hours of delivery with Isabella. But it is what it is. I loved the description of the "animal self" and how she describes her fear and experiences. I feel the same. And sometimes it just feels good to know you share common fears, thoughts, and hopes with other people. Even people you don't know. It is interesting how the "blog world" connects us with people we may never know.

6. Printable weekly calendar from the Jones Design Company. The PDF can be downloaded from this post. I printed it that week and have used it ever since.

7. Isabella's laugh. This is currently one of both of our favorite delights these days. I took this video toward the end of this laughing streak, so she is a bit worn out of it all. So fun!

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  1. LOVE hearing baby laughs!! so sweet!