Friday, April 29, 2011

7 Months

Isabella, you had your 7 month birthday almost a week ago! How much has changed for all of us in 7 months! The two weeks following your 6 month birthday we were reminded of how things were when you were 6 days old. You were waking up (and therefore we were waking up) every hour or couple of hours. You were having some congestion, and other than that we are not sure what was going on. After the first week of these shenanigans Daddy and his mentor were in some serious prayer that you would go back to your previous sleep patterns! After another week, right before we lost our minds, you were back to sleeping about 7-8 hours, eating, and sleeping another 3-4 hours. We have still had some rough nights here and there, but none in a stretch that long.
You are becoming more aware and notice now when I leave the room or take something from you (such as when you are chewing on something you shouldn't) and sometimes you will cry for me to come back or to give you something back. You are a rolling pro, but still no crawling. We have been continuing to try some solid foods every day, and you have gotten better at eating, but sometimes you still wear more than you eat. This month you have enjoyed: being outside more, splashing your feet in your tub, pears, and chewing on everything you possibly can. You continue to have great smiles and sweet babbles.

Now for your 7 month chair/zebra pics:

We love you sweet, beautiful girl!
Mommy and Daddy

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