Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Thoughts about animal, vegetable, miracle

I began this book a month ago. I put it down to start some child birth books, but plan to finish it soon. I think the biggest thing I have got from it so far is my lack of awareness or thought about where food comes from and what we are putting into our bodies. The author talks about how in the past people only ate foods that were in season and mostly local. Today we want strawberries year round and other foods that don't grow in our regions or during certain seasons. She discusses the enormous amount of money our country spends on importing these foods so we can have them available year round, and how keeps us from being a self sustaining people. The family in the book lives for a year on the things they grow themselves and foods they are able to buy from their local farmers (with the exception of one splurge item each family members can choose, such as coffee) and documents their journey.
The book has not been a big page turner for me, but has given me some things to think about. I usually go to the farmer's market in the summer time, but now look at which stands are selling Oklahoma items. I found a market that only supports local and state farmers and have gone to that one some. I have also been thinking about joining the Oklahoma Food Cooperative.
I might want to find someone else who wants to join and split the cost until I decide if it is something we would use very much. I don't want to be obsessive about these things, but I do think it is important to be informed, and think about where the food we eat is coming from and what is actually in the food that goes into our bodies.


  1. We are members of the OK Food Coop, so if you would like to order from our membership and see what is available, you are welcome to do so. I think you live pretty close to my house, so it would not be a big deal to split food on pick up day. Let me know if you are interested...

  2. I might be interested in the coop thing...

  3. book sounds interesting, I've been thinking and reading in this area too this summer. might be interested in the coop thing also.