Wednesday, July 28, 2010

31 weeks

Trust don't want to be the next person who tells me how big I look, how big my baby is going to be, how I will never make it til my due date, or how I look like I will have my baby any day now- that is unless you want to be featured in the book I am thinking about writing entitled "Rude things to say to a pregnant woman". :)

Time is flying by and we are both so excited to meet our little girl!


  1. I think you look lovely and all those rude people should only look so marvelous at 31 weeks pregnant!

    I just want to feel her kick~ And that was what I thought was strange. When I was pregnant and someone would come up and touch my baby bump without even asking!

  2. yay!! ahhh I can't wait!!

  3. Some people say the dumbest things to pregnant women! I think you look beautiful! I hope we get to see you before Isabella is here.

    My friend who had a baby got so tired of people saying rude comments that she made a bingo card out of the comments and just tried to have fun with it. She would post "BINGO" on FB when she got three comments in a row on her card.