Tuesday, June 29, 2010

She is "perfect"

According to the specialist we saw today, she is perfect. He said it over and over, and that was great to hear. He said the heart, brain, and organ development looked great, there was the right amount of fluid around her- not too much not too little, the length and weight were on schedule with how far along I am, and they confirmed she is a girl. He said it is normal for some people to measure differently in centimeters than what week they are. The appointment couldn't have gone better. The staff were really kind, patient, and thorough. He said he predicts a 7.5-8 lb baby at birth which also seems normal. Her head was measuring in the 80th percentile, which is the bigger end of the scale, but as he said some people just wear larger hats than others. :)
We also got some great pictures.

Here is a profile shot

Each of her legs

4D of her face

And one of her fists.

My sister surprised us and was waiting outside for us after the appointment. We celebrated with a treat at Panera afterward. We appreciate all of the prayers, messages, and phone calls and praise God for the health of our girl.


  1. She does look perfect and precious...love that 4D of her face. I'm so glad to read that everything is well with her. Thanks be to God.

  2. So glad to hear it Annaleise! I know you are relieved.

  3. I am so glad Isabella is okay!

  4. She DOES look perfect!! :) I'm so glad to hear this and I know you are too. Wyatt is SO excited to meet Isabella in a few months. (He told me from the womb...) Love you!

  5. i am so glad things went well! too bad that doctor cant be your delivery doctor!!