Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lobster killer...

We went to a couple's cooking class this weekend in Dallas at the cooking store Sur la table.
We had a great time! At the beginning the chef had live lobsters and she talked about how to select a good lobster and then cook it. We all had turns taking the lobsters apart and extracting the meat for the bisque we were going to make.

I actually handed my lobster parts to Michael, because it grossed me out a bit. (And I was thinking lobster killer...from Julie and Julia). Here is Michael working on getting the meat out of the lobster claw.

Here she showed us how to take the legs off and get the meat out of the body.

Michael and I cooked the lamb chops and only one small fire was started! :)

Here is what we ate for dinner when it was all said and done: Lobster bisque, baby greens with candied hazelnuts and blue cheese, pan roasted baby lamb chops with provencal glaze, risotto, and chocolate fondue with fruits and coconut macaroons.

It was a fun and different kind of thing to do together! I loved everything except for the risotto. It was good, but I'm not sure it was worth the time it took to make. There are also cooking nights at Central market that cost less that I want to check out sometime.

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