Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hello 28

My sweet husband made one of my favorite cakes for my birthday. (Perhaps HE is the one who is lovely and talented)

He made oatmeal brulée for my breakfast.

Opening my gift from Michael

We had brunch at 501 cafe with both of our parents.

My mom and me

My mom bought this snowman brownie cake ball at 501 for me. How cute is he!!

Only time will tell if the wish will come true...
We spent the rest of the day with our families, going to a movie, eating at Cheesecake factory, and hanging out at Michael's grandparents house. Yesterday we spent the day in Dallas. We had lunch with Heather and David and did some shopping. It was a wonderful birthday!

27 taught me the importance of balance in my life- with God, family, friends, home, work, and fun time. 27 showed me that our marriage that is usually easy can also require work. (If you are not a therapist be glad. It is ridiculous during intense discussions with your spouse to be thinking: now is that really expressing how I feel, how will this statement be received, what is difficult about being vulnerable right now...ugh! :) 27 reminded me over and over of the quote I love: With all change there is loss. I lost 2 grandparents very close together, we found out Michael's parents were moving across the world, we moved, had friends move away, and many other things. Some of the changes were fun and more easy to experience, but regardless there is still some type of loss with all change. The loss part of change has always been really difficult for me, and I feel this year more than ever God pulling me to trust in Him, as change is a continuous part of life. 27 reminded me several times the how grateful I am for my wonderful friends and family.
It was a busy year and many times were really hard for me. It was a year of growth, and I am grateful for all of it. I am looking forward to what the upcoming year will hold.


  1. looks like a lovely birthday! glad the weather didn't ruin any of your birthday fun! can't wait to see what all year 28 has in store for you, you are truely a blessing to all those around you, I am glad you were born :0) Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday! I always wondered how therapists argue and if they argue do they follow the "rules" and say statements like "what I hear you saying is...." I think you should post more about this...inquiring minds want to know....