Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve Adventures

We had Christmas at my parents house today.

Our stockings by the tree. (The red hat in my stocking came in handy this afternoon when Michael had to get out and push our car up hill)

Sweet Isaac at breakfast in his cute koala sweatshirt my parents brought him back from Australia.

Wow...not even sure what to say

George in his "close your eyes and put out your hand pose"

A Bike!

Christmas lunch table

We had planned to stay longer in the afternoon, but decided to head out due to "Blizzard 2009"
Which turned out to be a really bad idea. I was praying constantly the whole- 2 plus hours. We also no longer have two windshield wipers, but one.

This man graciously pulled our car up a street about one mile from our place. When we thanked him he said "I just didn't feel like I could stay at home and not be out helping people". What a nice person! I had to choke back my tears and drive while Michael was pushing the car from behind. After making it past this hill our car got stuck on the street close to our apartment complex. Some more good people stopped and helped Michael push the car to the side of the street. We walked through knee deep snow to our apartment.

We missed out on Christmas at Michael's grandma's tonight, which is probably less than a mile away. So we decided to go ahead and do our Christmas together.

Michael with his gifts

Me with my gifts (Michael picked out the very fun watch that is on my hand and this ring on my finger)

This is the snow outside our apartment!! I have never seen this much snow in Oklahoma!
We are hoping to make it to Michael's grandparents tomorrow. As disappointing as our plans changing today has been, I am very grateful for our safety and many blessings. Some of Michael's friends have already called and said they would pull our car out tomorrow. A lady who is homeless joined us for lunch today and I feel very humbled by how much we have- food, shelter, safety, family. When it comes down to it we are so richly blessed and simply having to change our plans does not change that. Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. Glad you made it home safe!! love the Christmas Pics!

  2. The ring is very beautiful. I like it a lot.

    It was really nice to see you the other day. I'm sorry we didn't talk more. I always enjoy seeing you.