Monday, April 06, 2009

Thoughts from Real Simple

These are two of my favorite things from my recent Real Simple magazine:

- Throw out 50 things..."50 is the number of items you should get rid of including regret and old makeup, according to life coach Gail Blanke, author of 'Throw out 50 things, clear the clutter, find your life'.

So in the next few weeks, or how ever long it takes, I am going to throw away/get rid of 50 items. I also want to think about the things I busy myself with, and what is really important to me and what is not.

- "Reach out 09: I am doing this thing called reach out '09. Each day I choose someone in my life to email, phone, visit or write a letter to. It really helps me stay connected."

I have done this some, and really enjoyed it. I want to make a habit of picking someone every few days if not every other day to contact. There are so many people in my life I care about and miss, so I love the idea of making a small bit of time to let those people know how important they are.

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