Monday, January 26, 2009

Michael had an OC event in Dallas this weekend, so we went down early Saturday morning and came back Sunday afternoon. The event went well and we got to have a little bit of fun as well.

We went to Sprinkles and brought some back for my sister to try.

On the way home I was telling Michael about my busy week and all the things I have going on. I started getting a little overwhelmed just thinking about it. Thursday night after work I am headed back to Dallas for a conference that I am REALLY excited about. I will get back late Friday night and leave my house at 6:45am Saturday for another conference in Tulsa. The week just seemed like a lot because I have a lot of early mornings, late nights, and no time on Saturday to catch up. I asked Michael to pray for me not be overwhelmed as we were going to bed and I felt a little better...if only I had known that we would have the "State of Emergency"/ice storm 2009 this week. My office closed today at 1:00 and is closed tomorrow. It is so nice to have some extra time to get caught up on things at home and paperwork for work.
Michael braved the roads and went to the OU/OSU basketball game tonight in Stillwater- against Rick Mitchell's advice!

Hope everyone stays safe, warm, and with power!

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