Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Icy Days

On Tuesday both of our work places closed due to the weather, so about mid day we got out and went a few miles down the road to North Park Mall. We ate at City Bites and saw the movie Australia. That night I made potato soup for the first time and it was good!

Today my work was closed again and Michael didn't have to be at work until 11. About mid day I met my friend Heather at the gym, and then later we headed out to cuppies and joe and worked on paperwork. Now while doing paperwork isn't the greatest on your day off, it is much better with a good cupcake, chai, a friend, and warm atmosphere.

YAY for snow days! I feel so blessed this week! It was like I got a weekend right in the middle of it, and it was great to spend some time with Michael since we really won't see eachother until Saturday night.
Tomorrow night after work I am headed to Dallas with two girls I went to grad school with. Friday we will meet up with some other girls we went to grad school with and go to a conference where the presenter co-created one of my favorite types of couple and family therapy! I understand that this is not interesting for most people, but this a really exciting, special chance for me! I can't wait!

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