Thursday, December 18, 2008

Since we've been home

Things have seemed crazy since we have been home. The day before we left for our trip I was shocked to get a letter in the mail telling me my oral exam for my license was the week we were getting back- when I was told I would hear when my date was scheduled in 60 days after the first exam. So our first week back involved me studying and stressing over the exam, hosting book club, catching up on loads of laundry, and adjusting from the jet lag. I have also become one of "those" people obsessed with the Twilight books. I finished the first one and started the second one on the plane on the way home. I couldn't read much the first week at home due to studying, but I finished it this weekend. Now I am racing through the third one. Our hot water heater exploded this weekend, and Michael and I pondered..."Would you kicked out of your house for 6 days due to an ice storm, OR have no hot/warm water for 3 days have have to pay to replace your water heater".

But things seem to finally be slowing down- just in time for the crazy holidays. I passed my exam, we have hot water again, have got some of our Christmas shopping done, and are sleeping during hours back during our time zone. I can't believe Christmas is ONE week away today!!

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