Monday, December 17, 2007


Today in Oklahoma it is a balmy 48 degrees. It seems that Ice storm 2007/snow storm (that never was) 2007 has finally left us. We lost power at our house Monday night, and it FINALLY came back on Saturday afternoon. In our excitement and running around our house for joy Saturday afternoon we broke a ceramic potted plant, and some Christmas decorations! (note to self: don't jump and run too hard when your house has a crawl space and not a solid foundation!!)

This is our house the first day. A few tree limbs down, but now there are a lot more.

This is the neighbor's house and their tree that fell all in our driveway

During this time we lost all of the food/condiments in our fridge/freezer, outside plants (and maybe some inside ones...I am trying to bring them back), Michael's car got a flat tire and today I noticed the gutter on our house is hanging down. (From all of the ice it was holding, I'm assuming).

In spite of these things, I am thankful that we had many friends and family around we could stay with rather than have to turn to shelter or freeze in our house (we could see our breath when we were inside!). I am thankful that our power went off when it did, and that we left that night because otherwise my car would have had a huge limb fall through the windshield (and that perhaps, might have been my breaking point! :) I am thankful for the time we got to spend with Michael's grandparents! I am thankful that even with all of this stress I turned my paper in to my committee for their final review!! I am going to one of the shelters tonight to do some crisis counseling. I am happy that I can give back to people. We are so blessed by the support system we have with our family, friends, and our faithful God!


  1. Hey guys--
    Glad to hear you were able to find warmth during the ice storm. Miss you. Heidi

  2. Could you come see me? I think I need some crisis counseling.