Sunday, June 01, 2008

Tail End

I slowed down posting the last couple of days of our vacation, but here are a few more.

We went to a turtle rescue center. This turtle is Allison, who only has one flipper remaining. They are giving her a prosthetic flipper that will make her the first "bionic" sea turtle.

Tiny turtles

Heather and I at 6 AM the day we left.

We got back last night after driving all day. We had a very relaxing time, and I am thankful for the time we were able to have away and experience another part of God's creation.
Tomorrow I start my job in a full time position, so there is little time to adjust to being back home. We are so blessed.

We made a list tonight on the way to the grocery store of 30 "just for fun" things we want to do this summer. I don't want to post the whole list, but we will post the things as we do them. Some are free and some cost some money- so be checking back to see our adventures! :)
Happy June 1st and summer!

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