Sunday, May 04, 2008

A good weekend

We had a great weekend, with lots of downtime, fun time, and together time.

Saturday morning we went to one of my favorite breakfast places, Turquoise Cafe. Heather found it when she was in law school at OU.

Michael with his breakfast tacos and chili rubbed breakfast potatoes

Me with the Oatmeal Brûlée- fabulous oatmeal: Maple-cinnamon oatmeal topped with cream anglaise, dried fruits, caramelized sugar, and Ada pecans. I am not a huge oatmeal person, but I love-love this dish!

We came home and napped, Michael mowed the lawn, and I did some work stuff and cleaned the house. Then we went to the Edmond arts festival. I had a corn dog (I don't eat corn dogs in real life, just the state fair/art festival kind of life). Michael had a gyro. We shared some curly fries and a brownie avalanche. We milled around the art stands a bit, listened to some music, and enjoyed being outside. Then we headed to the movies and saw Baby Mama, which turned out to be just as cheesy and ridiculous as the previews made it look! :)

Today we went to church, had lunch with friends, and rested. We also began running again after taking a week off. (Yes, we are going to try to keep it up, in answer to your comment, Nicole :)
We printed out these schedules and put them on the fridge for a visual aid of what we are working towards and what we have accomplished. The schedule is to get us on track training for a 1/2 marathon in November in San Antonio. Check out the link for the race, and we are serious about other people joining us! Let us know if you are interested in going, and or in the running schedule.
Hope you had a good weekend too, and have a great new week!


  1. Leise- sounds like an awesome weekend with lots of good food. My stomach is grumbling and I think I'mgoing tohave toast for breakfast- nothing like your incredible Turquoise Cafe meal. I'm really impressed with your running goals. Love you

  2. Very cool. Way to be active, Mitchells! :) I'd like a copy of your training schedule.

  3. A half in San Antonio sounds fun! I was thinking we might come and watch since we will be in Austin but actually we should be in Australia. Hope the training goes well.
    Don't you love weekends like that!