Sunday, April 06, 2008

Sweat Bunny or Sweat Chicken?

I ran a 10k today and I thought I'd post a gross picture of what my t-shirt looked like when I was done running:

Depending on how you look at the picture, the big circle in the middle of my t-shirt kind of resembles a bunny or a chicken. The bunny is pretty obvious with the circle being the head and the two points coming off the top being the ears. The chicken, on the other hand, is a bit more abstract. If you look at the bunny's left ear and pretend that it is the tail of the chicken and then if you look at the bunny's right ear and pretend it's the chicken's head, you'll start to see the chicken emerge. It looks like it's sitting down on top of it's eggs.

Annaleise is probably not going to be very impressed that I posted this picture, but I've recently developed a fascination with the various sweat animals that appear on my t-shirts after I've been running and so I felt compelled to share.

What do you think? Chicken or bunny?


  1. Chicken!! I'm so proud of you Mitch! Great job! :)

  2. Sweat Mickey Mouse is my vote.

    Congrats to you! That's cool.

  3. Definitely an Egg Laying Chicken!!

  4. Hmm. At first I thought bunny, but now I like chicken more. Congrats on running the race and completing a goal!

  5. This is an awesome accomplishment!! Way to go!

    I saw the chicken right away...

    Heahter a.

  6. Actually it looks like a heart, and not the heart that you would draw but an actual organ.