Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Past Five Years

We recently (almost a month ago) celebrated our 5 year anniversary.This seemed like such a milestone to us and a time of reflection of everything that has gone on in what seems like such a short/long time. In the past five years we have:

-moved 4 times
-had 7 jobs
-attained 3.75 college degrees (hopefully that will be a solid 4 in the coming months!!)
-seen God's hand working in our lives, and at times not seen God's hand and had to work to trust he was there
-bought a house
-bought a car (after dw's broke down twice on the way to Stillwater, the final time up in smoke)

-gained weight and lost weight
-traveled to Nassau, Paradise Island, South Padre Island, Gettysburg, Washington D.C., around Europe, over to Australia, down to Mexico, to three OU football national championship games (Miami, New Orleans, and back to Miami), Chicago, Memphis, along with countless trips to the lake for camping, waterskiing, boating, camp fires, and smores.
-lost loved ones
-become even better friends

-taken a lot of pictures
-been through times of plenty and times of little (why did we ever give up free housing??!)
-learned how to change ceiling fans and garbage disposals
We celebrated our anniversary in Chicago. We had the best time. (Aside from a crippling bout with food poisoning). It is always nice when we are reminded we can have fun doing anything together- at home, walking around a huge city, or laying around in a hotel room because one of us is too sick to do anything. We are excited as we wonder about what the next five years will hold...

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  1. Yeah, I ditched my Facebook (again).

    I also no longer have your phone number, due to a phone-related technical matter, so if you felt the urge to send that along, that'd be dandy.

    Good luck, dear.