Thursday, July 19, 2007

Busy Busy

Well...that is what it seems like we are these days-busy! We are loving summer. Michael is enjoying his job and has been traveling a bit more lately visiting alums and doing interviews. He was in Bentonville and Hot Springs earlier this week. He will end this week in Fort Worth and then meet me and his family at Lake Murray for the weekend. Then to LA next week... What a jet setter! :)
He has a conference in Chicago the first weekend in August (which is also our 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!). We had a free flight voucher, so I will get to join him for a few days for this one. We are very excited! Sometimes it seems like we hardly see each other throughout the week when I am working late every night, and especially when he is out of town. This too shall pass right...??
I have just been plugging away at school. I am at my internship about 25-30 hours a week now and only commuting to Stillwater 2 days a week now for our clinic up there. I now have 210 of my client contact hours...but the way things have been going lately have not put me on track to finish in the December. Which is really disappointing. Everyone has said that the summer time is a lot slower with people going on vacation and more busy, so hopefully it will pick up. I just keep trying to remember what things are in my control and what is not-I can only do my part.
My parents are still in Australia until next week, and Heather takes the bar next week. So there are some of things to pray for in my family.

Some pics from the 4th of July Celebration in Yukon
Michael taught me how to mow the grass. (This is hard work with a non-propelled mower and 100 degrees!) :)

Some Sunday nights we watch the sun set at Lake Hefner.

Out to dinner with Mom and Dad before they went to Australia

We went to lake Fort Gibson for the weekend with some friends. It was flooded from all of the rain. This is one of the bathhouses underwater.

Michael preparing food on the window sill of our tiny cabin

Heather and me outside our cabin

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