Sunday, October 30, 2016

October phone pics

I love a sleeping baby with arms up.  

Riding the carousel at frontier city, of course on the bench, Benjamin's choice. The moving animals are still to scary.

Bath time! 

Playing at Full Circle bookstore after story time. 

Riding the pumpkin train at Wings. 

Mother-daughter pedicure and ice cream date for a belated birthday celebration. 

Her polish selections... :)

Off to grocery shop at target. So small and snuggly. 

Wearing cousin Jillian's baby Halloween jammies. 

Benjamin decided to give up his pacifier. He traded it for a train set he has been wanting. He did so great with the transition.

Another day, another nap

First zoo trip with all 3 on my own

Our haul of pumpkins from the $1 pumpkinville sale

Emily called in dinner for us at Alfredo's while Michael was out of town, with extras for other meals. Such a thoughtful gift! 

His first Halloween! 

Smiling at Nana

Izzy's storybook parade at school. She dressed up as Olivia. 

Izzy and Juliet after the parade. 

Benjamin has been taking care of his glowworm, who is now is baby...also named Harrison. He said his baby likes to sleep close to him because that's where he feels safe.

Evening bike ride 

Fun at Frontier City. So fun that I can ride a bunch of rides I couldn't ride a couple of months ago when I was pregnant.

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