Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Phone pics from June

 Playing at the "spider web" park. She is getting braver with her climbing on the web. 

 That just doesn't look comfortable.

 Morning chalk art. 

 We enjoyed a zoo day in the rain. 

 He yelled ELEPHANTS! Elephants! Over and over. 

 She asks me to take this picture every. time. we go to the library. 

 Using her build a bear gift cards. 

 We spent a day in Stillwater at the Wondertorium. 

 Then we went to lunch at Joe's afterward. 

 Isabella jumped off our red chair and busted off the front half of one of her teeth and had to get it pulled. 

 She did awesome with the procedure. But those were some dark times the 48 hours following. 

 Isabella got a hair cut. She loves having her hair straightened for the cut. 

 We had a baby bird next in a little tree by our front door. 

 The Picker's came to town and Isabella and Chelsea got to have a tea party. They had a blast dressing up in Heidi and Hayli's old dresses from plays they were in. They were pretty funny.

 We tried out the new Donut Nest by our house. It was great! 

The kids went to Camp Toddler at church one Saturday while I prepped for a shower. The theme was superheros and Isabella came home with wonder woman "paint face" as she calls it.

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