Thursday, July 18, 2013


I have loved the rain and cooler weather this week. Records show it is the coolest July in 10 years. And 10 years ago in July I was out of the country, so its the coolest July in my memory. I took some pictures of our rainy day at home on Monday.

Breakfast is one of our favorite parts of the day. Isabella's breakfast favorites at this stage are pancakes with peanut butter, pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, and sometimes cereal. I make a double batch of whole wheat banana pancakes when I have a chance and freeze them so they are quick to have in the morning. We eat breakfast, I drink my tea or coffee, read our bible story, take our vitamins, and Isabella is inevitably very silly at some point. Most nights she asks what we should eat for breakfast in the morning and what we will do after we eat breakfast. She is not happy when we have to rush for some reason and don't have time to sit down together. I will treasure the memory of these moments some day when she is more interested in sleeping through breakfast rather than calling me out of bed for it. :)

If Benjamin is awake he sits in his bouncer seat and looks on watching Isabella's every move.

We played play doh in the play room and Isabella gave us a concert.

I caught her mid-crazy pretend laugh

All clean for bed 

I went for a run after the kids were asleep and got completely soaked. But I'm glad to be back running again. I read through the blog from a couple of years ago and enjoyed reading the posts that reminded me of what life was like then, and wanted to do a post of how some days are now to look back on in a couple of years. The days can be long sometimes, but the weeks and years are flying by.


  1. Hooray for running in the rain!

    1. YAY! Thanks for going with me! Also I keep meaning to say, after reading B&W...I was tempted with wanting to do a marathon again. Even though after I finished the 1/2 I was like- never again and a full is out of the question. :)