Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What a week!

There was a full moon this week which some say has nothing to do with people's behavior being different, but if you ask our crisis team at work what they think about that they might have something different to say, especially with having back to back crisis appointments all day Monday. Yesterday we had to "take cover" three times at work when tornado sirens went off, one of the times while I was in session. I just had one family I had to take down to the first floor, I can't imagine how crazy it was for my friends that are teachers trying to keep all of those kids calm!
I am not superstitious but I do think it is funny that in one week we have had full moon, tornadoes, and Friday the 13th!

So what do I do to stay calm when things are stressful? I bake...I love to bake.

I got these cute silicon heart molds at affair of the heart this weekend for cupcakes and muffins. They came out easy and cleaned up well.
Well that is all the excitement around here for now! Happy Valentines week!

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  1. Kids' behavior is sooooo crazy when there is a full moon. I can honestly vouch for it. Luckily the tornadoes weren't on tutoring day for me!