Sunday, August 03, 2008

Wow! It has been almost a month since our last post. We have lots of updates to do and little time. Here are just a couple of things for today:

This month my cousin Heidi and her husband moved back to America from doing mission work. We got to spend some time with them one night and meet sweet little Chelsea. We are inspired by them in many ways and it was so nice to spend time with them.

Chelsea was just content and happy as could be!

If you can't read it the sign on the side of this truck says "Dog Gone Critters". This man specializes in animal removal, along with his dog Digger "the critter dog". For an ENTIRE week I have not heard the sounds of squirrels running a muck in my attic. It is true that silence is golden!
Today is our 6 year wedding anniversary, and we will be celebrating at the Melting Pot tonight! More to come soon!

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  1. Happy Anniversary!!! And congrats on no more squirrels:)