Thursday, June 28, 2007

There's something about the ocean...

There is a song that I like:

There's something about the ocean
Makes me rise up and praise
There's something about the heavens
Makes me stand in awe again
There's something about the sunrise
Reminds me of Your faithfulness
There's something about the ocean (Your presence)
And I'm lost in love again

There is something healing to me about the ocean. I think part of that is that I grew up 45 minutes from the ocean, have lots of happy childhood memories there, and it reminds me of a much simpler time of life. Also- being at the ocean reminds me of God's incredible power. The ocean is a metaphor to me of God's faithfulness. My faith may at times be like the shifting sands, but God is steady and consistent like the tide. We spent the last week of May at the beach with my family. It came at a time when I was in great need of a break, rest, and renewal. Again I was reminded of God's power and faithfulness- and that has been my anchor these days.

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