Wednesday, September 06, 2006


This post is for my wife's cousins...

Got up at 6:45. Ironed my clothes (white dress shirt, black pants, and brightly colored tie). Brushed my teeth, shaved, showered, and got dressed. Grabbed two peaches and cream oatmeal packets and leftovers for lunch then left for work at 7:30. The weather was cool this morning. It felt nice.

Got to campus at 7:45. Parked in a different parking lot than usual. Walked through the Student Center to get to my office. It was empty then. Got to my office at 7:50, put my lunch in the fridge, and microwaved my oatmeal for breakfast.

Started responding to emails at 8:05. Scheduled a few meetings about homecoming and other areas of importance for the university. Caught up on email by 9:30. Worked on homecoming stuff until chapel at 10:45.

Went to chapel at 10:45. Sat with one of my old RA's. Lots of praise songs, scripture reading, and prayer... no sermon this week. Came back to office at 11:30. Responded to more emails. Edited a press release. Ate lunch at noon. BBQ chicken sandwich leftover from b-day party, cheetos, chocolate pudding, and ice water.

Put a survey together after lunch and emailed it to alumni. Went to a meeting at 2:00 (didn't start until 2:15) about some important stufff with another department on campus and got a lot accomplished. It was a good meeting... they have comfortable furniture and cool paintings on the wall in that office.

Back in the office by 3:00. Read and responded to emails. Enlisted the help of a friend to come up with a Top 10 list to use for a project at work. Met with director from another department at 3:45 to discuss his agenda. His agenda does not align very well with the university's agenda. Too bad for him.

Visited with the president at 4:15 about a program that he thinks I should look into starting. I tend to agree with him and think it could end up being something really positive for the school.

Finished writing two letters (that should have been finished last month) and submitted them to the appropriate people to be sent out. Got an email at 4:34 that made my day. Wrote an email to some important people about some important things going on and called it a day at 5:20.

Got home at 5:40. Checked the mail. Threw away the junk mail. Got a b-day card in the mail... made me laugh. Two movies from NetFlix that I've already seen but will be fun to watch again. Logged on to computer at 6:00 and started blogging.

6:18 - Grabbing a bite to eat and heading back out to church shortly.

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  1. You are a beautiful man, Mr. Mitchell. Just beautiful.