Thursday, July 13, 2006

The World Has Gone Bananas

So this friend of mine has this friend whose dad owns a construction company. The construction company, as construction companies often do, employs a lot of immigrants (both legal and illegal I presume).

Recently the company's payroll system went bazerk and they lost all of the information on all the employees including the number of hours they'd worked in the most recent work week.

No problem right? You just get with each one of the people on the crew, have them re-submit their hours, re-run the payroll, and pay them a few days late... at least that's what any normal, reasonable, sane, warm blooded, abstract thinking, rational human being would think.

Well... the guy who owns the construction company sits down with each one of his employees, goes over all their hours, re-inputs their information into the system, and everything's fine. Then, he gets to the last guy (He probably wasn't the last guy, but it adds flare to the story to say he was the last guy).

So he gets to the last guy (or whatever order of guy he was) and goes through all the information with him, explains to him what's happened, takes down the number of hours from the guy, and then asks him if it's OK if he cuts him a check on Monday (this was on a Friday).

The construction worker (who - by the way - was a citizen of Mexico... not that that's relevant to the story but it helps you get a better mental picture) looks at the construction company owner and with a straight face says, "Actually, if it's OK, can you just pay me in bananas this week?"

A little puzzled, the owner asks Pedro (probably not really his name, but by now you're getting used to my creative liberties) if he's serious and Pedro assures him that he is in fact 100% serious.

Pedro goes on to tell him again that he would indeed like to be paid in bananas and if it'd be alright, could they go together after work that day to the supermarket and purchase them.

While I don't know exactly how many bananas were purchased, I do know that they had to go to multiple supermarkets that afternoon to buy them all.

I think the next time I'm up for a raise at work, I'm just going to ask my boss if he could just keep paying me the same salary I've been making, but for my raise, would it be possible to have that in bananas?

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