Friday, March 18, 2016

Baby #3

We had our highly anticipated first appointment when I was just over 10 weeks pregnant.

 We got to see our sweet little bean and saw the heart beat on the ultrasound.

Mom got the kids some big brother/sister shirts so I decided to take their pictures one night. 
Isabella was so excited when we told her about the baby. And started saying all the time she was hoping for a girl so she would have a sister.

Benjamin seemed unphased by the news, but started telling me most days he was going back in my tummy to grow and be a new baby.

We are excited and looking forward to how our family will change with our new addition.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

January/February phone pics

January and February crept by with me feeling unpredictability really terrible some days with morning sickness. I didn't take many phone pictures and never used my real camera. But we made it through and had some fun.

 Sara sent me this of the girls from a play date at their house one day. 

 Isabella's play from one day. She used some of the decorations from her Christmas tree we hadn't taken down to decorate the castles.

Science Museum play date 

They love getting the "two kid cart" at target

I was away for the night and Isabella asked Michael to send me these pictures. He did a good job on her hair!! :)
Our favorite meal from Zoe's kitchen! I didn't cook from January to the beginning of April being so nauseous looking at raw food or smelling food cooking. Emily called in and ordered dinner plus several giant cookies for us one night and had Michael go pick it up after work. We felt so loved during that rough time.

Isabella's valentines party at her school. I was throwing up in the drive way before taking her to school and she was yelling from the car- DOES THIS MEAN YOU CAN'T COME TO MY PARTY?!?! (good times....she didn't really understand how morning sickness was not a contagious sickness)


First night in her big girl bed. We FINALLY got her bed set up for her after planning on it for a long time.

Trains, trains, every day