Saturday, July 25, 2015

Swimming lessons

Isabella finished her swimming lessons today. She really made a lot of progress from the beginning of the class to the end! They had a "recital" today for all of the classes to show what they had learned.

Swimming through the ring of fire. She loved that thing.

Way to go Iz!

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

4th of July

 We went to the parade in the morning of the 4th.

Isabella was a little freaked out by the cars that made loud noises...but otherwise they both enjoyed it. She picked out her 4th of July headband and has been so excited to wear it all summer!
We met up with the Anderson's for the parade. After the parade we had lunch and all took naps. And then we went swimming. 

For dinner the Roberts came over. We had ribs, slaw, guac and veggies, and watermelon and pineapple. We were on day 4 of the whole30 and it was a little rough that day. I was still adjusting to black coffee- before I decided I couldn't drink it anymore- and was bummed about not making any of the things I'd usually make for us on the 4th other than the star watermelon. The food we did have was great though!

Then after a while we headed out to see the UCO fireworks.

Isabella loved the fireworks and I felt like it was one of those magical parent moments. Until she thought the fireworks were coming closer and going to hit us, and she freaked out and scurried to the front of the van crying for the rest of the show, then cried all the way home that she missed seeing the rest of them. Oh bless. :)
Happy 4th of July!