Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Still here...

We spent the first weekend of September in Dallas. Michael had been waiting for the first OU game of the season for weeks!

Inside the new Dallas stadium

Bob on the jumbotron

In the lobby on of our hotel. Happy Birthday Michael!

Tailgating at the OU/Tulsa game

Crislyn and me at the tailgate

Boomer Sooner cupcakes!

My dad brought by some flowers to my work that he grew. It was a nice surprise on a hard day.

We spent this last weekend at Grand Lake with Heather and David. It was the first and only non-OU football weekend for a while. We had a great time sleeping, reading, and hanging out. It was the relaxing break I have been needing.
We've also been to the State Fair, celebrated birthdays, and we are planning a trip to NYC for October.
Happy Fall! One of my favorite times of year.