Thursday, May 29, 2008

Day Six

Us by the SPI sign when you first cross the bridge

Outside pirates landing for dinner

Isaac at Pirates Landing


My buddy and me

My mom the pirate...arrrrG!

Mom and me

George and his dip cone

Typical...DQ after church.

Mom using red box for the first time

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Day Five

David, George, and Michael playing football on the beach


Isaac coaxed into putting his feet in the hot tub

Isaac is not so sure about the beach or pool

George's train cake

George so excited about his 5th birthday celebration!

A sonic gift card!!

Captain Hook playing with his new sword on the beach

Monday, May 26, 2008

Day Four

Looking out to the sea

Michael read by the pool in the morning

George and Isaac flying kites

George in the hole the boys dug

Mom and Dad grilling

Playing last word

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Day Three

We got ready and went to church in Port Isabel. We have gotten to know some of the people there the last couple of years.

Michael and Isaac playing after church
We came home and had lunch and some had naps

Heather and I laid out and played at the beach. Isaac is still not too sure about the beach. Hopefully he will warm up to it!

The Boys

Tonight we went to our fav ice cream place here, Dolce Roma. They have gelato and other sorts of yummy things. Michael and Heather went for a run, and mom and I went to some of the local shops. Today was pretty relaxing, we all kind of did our own thing. Tomorrow is Memorial Day and there is supposed to be a big fireworks show.

The Girls

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Day Two

We left San Antonio around 8:30 and headed south...finally we started seeing palm trees

Mitch drove all of day two- THANKS!

We finally made it to the big bridge over to the island! We checked in at our condos and went to the beach and the pool.

We went to Amber Jacks, one of our favorite places

Then night ended with a trip to walmart, where we filled two carts to the brim!

Day One

We left on our trip to South Padre on Friday. We were running late because my quick trip to work ending up taking me an hour and a half...nevertheless we were off!!

We picked up David and Heather and kept on South...

All the way to windy Texas

We stopped and ate at Fuddruckers with Hayli. I was happy to see her and sad to drive away.
We drove to San Antonio and spent the night there. We are excited to be on vacation! :)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Touch a Truck

Last weekend the boys spend the night. We had several adventures. This is one of things we did.

George helped me mix up some waffles

A sleepy Isaac eating his waffles
Then we got ready and left to go to "touch a truck"

George inside the race car

Isaac in the race car

Boys on the sheriff's motorcycle

George inside the tumblebus...his proclaimed favorite

Inside a concrete dumping truck

The Edmond trash truck

Inside the EMSA ambulance

We had a fun time together!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

A really good list for life...

These nuggets of wisdom came from a book I read over the weekend. I like it and so I thought I'd share.

1. Finish what you start.
2. Have integrity.
3. Have values.
4. Be a mentor.
5. Stay committed.
6. Listen well.
7. Don’t take things personally.
8. Give away a book.
9. Open doors for people.
10. Help others.
11. Ask questions.
12. Encourage others.
13. Move someone for free.
14. Finish what you start.
15. Pick up trash.
16. Be cheerful.
17. Write a book.
18. Be kind.
19. Save 10 percent.
20. Visit someone in the hospital.
21. Visit someone in treatment.
22. Believe in yourself.
23. Have a dream list.
24. Use a to-do list.
25. Don’t worry.
26. Visit someone in jail.
27. Ideas. Action. Commitment.
28. Visit someone in a homeless shelter.
29. Buy someone dinner.
30. Exercise.
31. Take vitamins.
32. Finish what you start. (Made the list twice)
33. Winners take action.
34. Share hope.
35. Dream big.
36. Winners plan.
37. Call a friend.
38. Planners win.
39. Learn from other people.
40. Do good.
41. Use good manners.
42. Call a relative.
43. Have fun.
44. Become a champion.
45. Repay favors.
46. Don’t assume anything.
47. Always be on time.
48. Go to a seminar.
49. Take a walk.
50. Go to the park.
51. Finish strong.
52. Read.
53. Sharing is caring.
54. Don’t blame others.
55. Focus.
56. Exercise your mind.
57. Be slow to anger.
58. Be honest.
59. Give freely.
60. Creation, not competition. (I really like this one)
61. Do important things first.
62. Carry a book with you. (in the book this one said, "Always carry a book with you and you'll never have to wait on anyone.")
63. Always do your best.
64. Develop routine.
65. Drink water.
66. Accept responsibility.
67. Stick to your plan.
68. Invite someone to church.
69. Enjoy church.
70. Be a greeter at church.
71. Run four days a week. (I'm shooting for three)
72. Reconciliation, not retaliation.
73. Be a person of value.
74. Value people.
75. Be loyal.
76. Say what you mean.
77. Save 10 percent. (Also made the list twice)
78. Believe in others.
79. Impact the lives of others.
80. Mean what you say.
81. Read more.
82. Be polite.
83. Accept challenges.
84. Defeat challenges
85. Get a mentor.
86. Be a friend.
87. Keep your promises.
88. Be kind.
89. Go the extra mile.
90. Be frugal.
91. Thank people.
92. Use positive words.
93. Remember your victories.
94. What gets measured gets improved.
95. Stick to your plan.
96. Enjoy new things.
97. Save 10 percent. (So now we're up to 30%)
98. Share good news.
99. Encourage others.
100. Avoid self-doubt.
101. Play by the rules.
102. Use kind words.
103. Don’t always talk about yourself.
104. Finish what you start.
105. Concentrate.
106. Dishonesty costs everything.
107. Motivate yourself.
108. Be real.
109. Seek understanding.
110. Become wise.
111. Use your talents.
112. Everyone needs help.
113. Everyone suffers.
114. Always take action.
115. Don’t run from challenges.
116. Make a difference.
117. Have faith.
118. Give back.
119. Be loyal.
120. Sympathy.
121. Take vitamins.
122. Miracles happen.
123. Share in other people’s joy.
124. Be social.
125. With action great things will happen.
126. Significant people recognize significant actions. (I LOVE THIS ONE!!! THIS COULD BE MY NEW LIFE MOTTO)
127. Appreciate your life.
128. Creation, not competition.
129. Teach other people.
130. Take action.
131. Ask questions.
132. Learn. Teach. Do.

Yes... I know there were more things than I noticed that made the list multiple times but I only noticed the things that spoke to me I guess.

Try this for some summer music...

The Beautiful Girls... just discovered them tonight and I love everything I've heard so far. And, NO, I'm not talking about Sean Kingston. Though he does do a mildly entertaining track of a similar title.

Check out their music and let me know what you think. I don't know anything about them or how long they've been making music, but I think they've captured that perfect quintessential summer sound. EDIT: I PROBABLY SHOULD HAVE LISTENED TO MORE OF THEIR MUSIC BEFORE GIVING THEM THIS ACCOLADE. IT'S GREAT MUSIC AND A FEW OF THEIR SONGS ARE VERY SUMMER SOUNDING, BUT TO SAY THEY HAVE CAPTURED THE PERFECT QUINTESSENTIAL SUMMER SOUND MAY BE A BIT OF A STRETCH.

I'm going on vacation soon and one of my favorite things to do while there is sit on the beach with a good book and my iPod. I don't know what book I'll be reading yet, but guess what will be on my iPod?

If you have any suggestions on a book or two to check out from the library, let me know. Otherwise I will be reading this one. I here it's a really good read.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A sweet baby bunny we saw at the lake...Michael tried to convince me it was a mouse

The sun going down

Our first sno cones of the season! Something we always look forward to! :)